Don Lemon's Reaction To Trump's 'Unhinged' Phoenix Rally Is Phenomenal

“He's unhinged, it's embarrassing and I don't mean for us, the media, because he went after us, but for the country,” said Don Lemon.



Far from feeling any remorse whatsoever over his blatant defense of white supremacists, President Donald Trump again blamed “both sides" for the violent Charlottesville riots during his latest Phoenix rally.

Resuming his unabashed campaign mode, Trump painted himself as a victim of the debate that followed the white supremacist rally in Virginia. He blamed the media as usual.

“The only thing giving a platform to these hate groups is the media itself and the fake news,” said Trump.

However, CNN’s anchor Don Lemon had had enough of the lies. “Well, what do you say to that?” Lemon asked after playing Trump’s speech where he maligned the “fake news media,” argued anti-Confederacy protestors are trying to change “our history” in his 80-minute speech.

“I’m just going to speak from the heart here," the CNN anchor continued. “What we witnessed is a total eclipse of the facts, someone who came out on stage and lied directly the American people and left things out that he said in an attempt to rewrite history — especially when it comes to Charlottesville.”

“He’s unhinged, it’s embarrassing and I don’t mean for us — the media — because he went after us, but for the country. This is who we elected president of the United States. A man who is so petty that he has to go after people he deems to be his enemy, like an imaginary friend of a 6-year-old,” lamented Lemon.

He also shed light on the president’s petulant childish behavior.

“There was no gray. He was like a child blaming a sibling on something else. He did it. I didn’t do it.”

“He certainly opened up the race wound from Charlottesville. A man clearly wounded by the rational people abandoning him in droves,” said Lemon, asserting how people are questioning Trump’s mental health are actually on point, since he did nothing but blame the media for not defending his illogical comments.

“That’s the truth,” Lemon continued. “If you watch that speech as an American, you had to be thinking, ‘What in the world is going on?’ This is the person we elected as president of the United States? This petty, this small, a person who who’s supposed to pull the country together? Certainly didn’t happen there.”

It is pertinent to note how Trump apparently voiced his solidarity with the white supremacists, after he accused the media “of trying to take away the history and our heritage.”

People on Twitter have expressed their discontent.










Spotlight Image: Reuters, Joshua Roberts

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