CNN Hosts Laugh As Pierson Denies Trump’s Immigration Flip-Flop

A panel of CNN correspondents couldn’t help but laugh as Katrina Pierson insisted Donald Trump hasn’t changed or softened his stance on immigration.

It seems that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has softened his take on immigration, which we knew was coming sooner or later.

During a Fox News interview Wednesday night, he backtracked on his proposed mass deportation plan that originally applied to all illegal immigrants. He is now saying that only the “bad” immigrants will be affected and he can “work with” the “good” ones so long as they pay back taxes, according to Uproxx.

But don’t worry; his plan to build a wall between the United States and Mexico is still intact.

Funny enough, as he has started trying to pander to minority and immigrant voters in hopes of boosting his popularity among them, he’s angering all the loyal, bigoted allies who supported his harsh stance.

Trump’s infamous spokeswoman Katrina Pierson — who is known for butchering interviews while trying to clean up her boss’s messes — went on CNN to do damage control, which ultimately backfired.

With no logical ground to stand on, Pierson tried to completely deny Trump’s flip-flop by insisting that he hasn’t “changed his position on immigration, he’s just changed the words he’s saying.”

Host Erica Hill tried to politely explain to Pierson that a “change in words” still constitutes as “a shift, a flip-flop.” Hill pointed out that no matter how you frame it, “there is a definite different message that we’re hearing now.”

While Hill successfully pretended to take Pierson seriously, her colleagues couldn’t contain their laughter listening to her attempt to deny what the whole country saw and heard.

Pierson was relentless in trying to push the argument that Trump is still saying exactly the same thing as he has throughout his campaign. He’s just using more politically correct verbiage now because, “everyone on the news is saying that he is a bigot and that he is a racist because of the words he uses.”

Honestly, with all the staffing changes within Trump’s campaign it’s a wonder why he still keeps Pierson around. Her CNN performance was unconvincing at best.

It seems very interesting that along the campaign trail Trump has never tried to soften his approach, despite the fact that he was being labeled a racist and a bigot.

He practically welcomed support from white supremacists and hate groups, but suddenly — now that polls are showing Hillary Clinton with a dramatic lead over him — he has decided to “change the words he’s using” to put a metaphorical Band-Aid over the image he’s already solidified for himself.

It’s not just liberal media that observed a clear flip-flop from Trump, even one of his own loyal troops Ann Coulter noticed and expressed great anger about it in a series of impassioned tweets.

It’s very likely that Coulter is not the only one of Trump’s own supporters who was disappointed by the 180 degree turn Trump has made.

It just goes to show that Trump really has no principles; he’s just doing whatever it takes to ride out the rest of this campaign. 

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