Reporter Recounts Her Ugly Experiences With Donald Trump’s Supporters

The CNN reporter describes the animosity between Trump supporters and the press — including instances where she was personally targeted.

A CNN reporter recounted some of the scary moments she had to endure while following Donald Trump on his campaign trail.

Sara Murray described her encounters with Trump supporters in a segment titled “Anger unleashed: On the trail in Trump’s America,” where she detailed the animosity between the Trumpeters and the press — including the instances when she was personally targeted.

The reporter said she used to follow the GOP presidential candidate earlier in his campaign run when he was easily accessible to reporters. However, things took a turn for the worse, when at a rally, the media mogul publicly called her out and stated she was a “total novice reporter.”

After the episode, Murray said she received a call from her father, who instructed her not to walk alone to her car.

She also said that as the election period drew closer, Trump fans’ displeasure turned into violence.

At a campaign stop in Florida, when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie endorsed Trump, her team had to struggle for the coverage because their truck cable wires had been cut — twice. Someone also followed her producer's CNN car at the event and keyed it.

Because of her public denunciation by Trump, Murray often found herself become a target for public ridicule.

“Somewhere along the campaign trail I fell into the habit of smiling back at members of the crowd as they jeered at me,” Murray wrote. “Some days it felt like that was my armor — a shield from the chants of ‘CNN sucks.’ Other times I hoped it would be a signal, ‘Hey, I’m just doing my job. I know you’re mad at me, but I’m not mad at you.’”

She said now whenever members of the media walk into a Trump event, they are greeted with shouts of “biased coverage” and people “flipping us off.”

The Republican Party has always had a complicated relationship with the media, but things have worsened since Donald Trump entered the presidential race. Murray’s story is just part of a much larger picture of anti-press resentment.

Trump supporters are now attacking American media with the phrase “Lugenpresse” — a term meaning “lying press” that was used by the Nazis.

Another CNN reporter, Jim Acosta, revealed on Monday that a pro-Trump woman hit him with her sign at an event in Virginia.

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