Hurricane Harvey Rescue Stories Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

What is currently unfolding in Texas is truly heartbreaking, but resilient people are coming together to help each other in this difficult time.

Texans have come together to help each other out in the wake of the deadly Hurricane Harvey.

With the intense floods, preventing rescue teams from reaching certain areas of Houston, a CNN crew member successfully saved an elderly woman and her family from the hurricane.


CNN correspondent Ed Lavander and his crew helped the couple out of their misery with the help of a volunteer, as the flood water was rising in Dickinson, Texas.

Pam Jones left her home in Friendswood, Texas, hoping to ride out from the tropical storm Harvey after reaching nearby Dickinson. But the flood water kept rising, and entered Jones' home through the garage. They were trapped upstairs with about 3 feet of water surrounding them.

The family was waiting for the Coast Guard to rescue them; Jones’ son also tried to help the family, but couldn’t reach the location. This is when a volunteer rescue boat carrying CNN crew members found the family, when Jones was crying for help.

This was just one of the many incidents of help carried out by good Samaritans. Twitter users reported some more.






Thumbnail Credits: Reuters, Nick Oxford

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