CNN Anchor Takes Down Sebastian Gorka's Defense Of Trump Jr.

In an attempt to salvage Kellyanne Conway's interview on the Trump administration's most recently-revealed lies, Sebastian Gorka gets aggressive and off-topic.

White House adviser and far-right ideologue Sebastian Gorka appeared on CNN in an apparent attempt to avenge Kellyanne Conway's painfully poor defense of Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russia lawyer during the 2016 campaign.

His interview with host Alisyn Camerota quickly became heated, especially when the journalist refused to let the subject of the Trump administration's lies drop.

"Was it a good idea for Don Jr. to meet with this Russian lawyer?" Camerota asked point-blank.

"Was it a good idea for the DNC to send its operatives to the Ukrainian embassy?" Gorka retorted, accusing the Democrats of their own foreign collusion to win the White House. 

"OK, so just let me follow your line of logic," Camerota said. "You're saying it's inappropriate for the Democrats to meet with a foreign country, Ukraine, but it's not inappropriate for your campaign, for Donald Trump, to meet with the Russians?"

Gorka claimed that the lawyer was unaffiliated with the Kremlin and chocked the Trump campaign's desire to meet with her for dirt on rival Hillary Clinton up to politics. He then switched gears to a Trump administration favorite: attacking the media.

"I saw what you did yesterday with Kellyanne," he said. "Thirty-five minutes on this one issue. Have you ever, at CNN, dedicated 35 minutes to the 126 leaks against this administration?"

Camerota pointed out that Gorka was deflecting from the issue at hand, just like Conway, and steered the interview back to Trump Jr.'s meeting with the Russian lawyer.

"Why then, if this was all so on the up and up, did the president's son, Don Jr., not only not disclose it, but didn't actually use the right story when first asked about it," she asked. "He claims that the meeting was about adoption, but that wasn't what the real story was. And he's not alone."

Camerota then pulled up a graphic of seven Trump-affiliated officials who did not disclose meetings with Russians until news investigations on their ties were released: Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, J.D. Gordon, and now Donald Trump Jr. It's a startling visual, and despite Gorka continually spinning the debate backward to the Clinton campaign, the uncomfortable feeling it provokes saturated the rest of the interview and pushed Gorka to go on the defensive. 

"This is the shocking thing, again, the amount of time you spend in desperation on a topic that has plummeted you to 13th place in viewership ranking across America," he snarked. "More people watch Nick At Nite cartoons than CNN today."

"Our ratings are doing just fine," Camerota replied, as Gorka continued to focus his argument on cartoons before circling back to the Clinton campaign.

"So you have a list of seven people, OK,” Gorka said. “So what about individuals who got half a million dollars to give speeches when their wife was running for president? Why is that not something you dedicate 35 minutes to?”

"Because you won," Camerota responded. "Your side won. You're now in the White House."

Unsatisfied, Gorka continued to rant about the Clinton campaign's controversies and bashed CNN for being obsessed with "those who did nothing inappropriate" and failing to adequately report on "people who are doing pay-for-play, were involved in selling 20 percent of our uranium to Russia when they're husband is getting half a million dollars speaking fee..."

"Is it possible, Mr. Gorka, that your team is obsessed with the Clintons?" Camerota interjected.

The moment of silence that followed was the awkward sound of an administration with no real answers.

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