Tapper Reminds Ignorant Moore Spox: Swearing On Bible Isn't Compulsory

Ted Crockett can't believe his ears when he hears politicians don't need to swear their oath of office on a Bible.



The Alabama elections are over. Voters have spoken. Democrat Doug Jones has defeated Republican candidate Roy Moore.

However, prior to the election, CNN's Jake Tapper defeated Ted Crockett, Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s campaign spokesman, in what is perhaps one of the best television exchanges to air this month.

Crockett apparently believed all elected officials must swear their oath of office on the Bible. Obviously, he was wrong and Tapper made sure he corrected Crockett’s misconception.

Tapper discussed Moore’s controversial statements about the LGBT community, asking if his boss still believes homosexuality should be illegal.

However, it was Tapper’s savage response to a question about Moore’s assertion that Muslims shouldn’t be in Congress, which literally left Crockett quite speechless.

In 2006, after Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota became the first Muslim member of the Congress, he used Thomas Jefferson's Quran for his swearing-in ceremony. At the time, Moore strongly disapproved of it, suggesting Ellison wasn't eligible to serve as a congressman.

“Judge Moore has also said that he doesn’t think a Muslim member of congress should be allowed to be in Congress. Why? Under what provision of the Constitution?” Tapper asked Crockett.  

"Because you have to swear on the Bible," Crockett replied. "I had to do it, I'm an elected official."

"You have to swear on a Bible to be an elected official in the [U.S.]," he continued. "He (Moore) alleges that a Muslim cannot do that ethically, swearing on a Bible."

But Tapper had had enough and decided to call Crockett out on what was clearly an incorrect — and blatantly Islamophobic — assertion. 

"You don't actually have to swear on a Christian Bible. You can swear on anything, really. I don't know if you knew that. You can swear on a Jewish Bible," the host said.

"Oh no, I swore on the Bible," Crockett responded. “I've done it three times, Jake." 

"I'm sure you have, I'm sure you've picked a Bible. But the law is not that you have to swear on a Christian Bible. That is not the law," replied the host.  

And this was the moment where Tapper stole the show, leaving Crockett speechless.

Awkward silence ensued."You don't know that?" quipped Tapper.

"I know that Donald Trump did it when we made him president," Crockett finally responded.

"Because he's Christian and he picked it. That's what he wanted to swear in on," replied Tapper.

Many U.S. presidents have been sworn in on other texts. For instance, President John Quincy Adams reportedly placed his hand on the Constitution. Tapper shared this information on Twitter taking a jab at Crockett.



Naturally, everyone on Twitter lauded Tapper’s effort to shut down Moore’s ignorant spokesperson. 












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