CNN's Van Jones Derails Trump: 'We Don't Have To Give Him A Pass'

Van Jones explained that Trump doesn’t deserve any special treatment. “We don’t have to give him a pass on the things they never gave Obama a pass on,” he said.

CNN commentator Van Jones visited “The View” talk show Thursday morning to discuss what he meant by his “whitelash” remark made on Election Night several hours after Donald Trump’s victory, The Daily Beast reported.

Jones had said that the election results were “a whitelash against a changing country” and black president. His intuitive comment shot to the core of what America is facing today — a rising trend of white nationalism, which propelled Trump to his win over Hillary Clinton.

When “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg asked Jones to break down this comment, he explained that he did not mean to suggest that all 60 million voters for Trump were racist, white supremacists.

“It would be unfair to the Trump voters to say that they’re all racist,” Jones said. “But to say that the alt-right and the neo-Nazis that were celebrating weren’t a part, that would be unfair to the rest of America.”

Jones noted that honesty is key when discussing present day politics, particularly with children.

Jones acknowledged that the GOP has had a “color blind individualist” approach, but that doesn’t mean that the alt-right and neo-Nazis haven’t co-opted the party’s platform to their benefit.

He went on to discuss what he viewed as problematic within the Democratic Party as well. Democrats, he said, were hijacked by “elitist-sounding, snobby people" who distorted the message that the party should serve the “poor and downtrodden.”

Co-host Jedediah Bila then pressed Jones to answer how an overwhelmingly racist country could have elected Barack Obama twice. He replied, pointing to himself, “No, we elected a black president… The majority of white people voted against Obama both times.”

Co-host Joy Behar questioned if the American people should give Trump a chance, to which Jones responded frankly:

“This is important to me because people keep saying we have to give him a chance, and we do have to give him a chance, but we don’t have to give him a pass on everything. We don’t have to give him a pass on the things they never gave Obama a pass on.”

Once again, Jones offered a voice of much-needed reason.  


Photo credit: YouTube screengrab, The View

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