Racist College Professor Caught On Video Harassing Asian Couple

Social media users identified the woman after her racist video went viral. Turns out, she was a professor at the Golden West College.

A racist woman was caught on video berating a couple because she thought they didn’t belong in America. The Asian couple started filming the woman spewed hatred at them in Long Beach, California, just recently.

“You need to go back to your country,” the woman said to a person who was identified as Tony Kao.

“It’s unbelievable at this time and stage, when we were born and raised in the United States, you told me to go back to our country,” said Kao.

But the racist woman refused to back down: “It’s not safe because there are too many people like you here…invading” and “you’re making my culture extinct.”

Toward the end of the footage, after repeatedly telling Kao to stop filming the altercation, the woman can be heard screaming, “I never voted for you.”

Soon people on social media, who were furious over the woman’s misbehavior, figured out who she was. Turns out, the 58-year-old woman is Tarin Frances Olson, a therapist, author and professor in the Counseling Department at Golden West College, Huntington Beach, California.

After the backlash, Golden West College published a statement on Facebook explaining they do not condone such racism. However, they did not name Olson.

It was rather disturbing for people to discover Olson was actually a professor. Some people have called for her suspension.

“She feels courageous and comfortable enough to tell a family in public in broad daylight that they should go back to their country. Thank you for informing us that you have received word of the video, but we hope more will be done to address this specific situation as soon as possible. She should not be empowered to spread this kind of hatred anywhere — not on the street, and not at a college campus,” said a Facebook user.

On the other hand, Kao urged people to stay civil and not use his video to fuel more feelings of hatred. “The message we want to convey is POSITIVE and that is to be respectful to one another no matter of what race, creed, or color,” read his post.  

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters

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