150 Students Homeless After College Runs Out Of Available Dorms

Clark Atlanta University has left more than 150 students homeless after accepting student deposits for overbooked dorm rooms and then running out.

A historically black university in Atlanta is in the hot seat for having left at least 150 students homeless. Students planning to move into the dorms were told none were available upon arriving Monday.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution obtained a statement from Clark Atlanta University which stated that temporary housing is being offered to the students and suggested that the students without dorms had not followed proper procedures in securing housing.

“We have housing for all freshmen and sophomores who are financially enrolled. Those who have not completed the financial enrollment process are being offered temporary housing while they complete the process,” read the statement, adding that the Office of Student Services and Campus Life is helping students to complete the financial enrollment process.

No other information was provided as to how or where students could access the temporary housing, and students told WBS-TV in Atlanta that the school advised them that they would need to find their own off-campus housing, despite already having paid in full. Classes were scheduled to begin Tuesday, and social media had some criticisms for the school overbooking rooms.

Georgia State University had a similar mishap last year when approximately 400 students were housed temporarily at a local Sheraton. An increase in housing applicants was blamed at the time.

Leaving numerous college-bound young adults without a place to lay their heads on what is supposed to be one of the most exciting adventures of their lives is unacceptable. Institutions of higher learning need to do a better job accommodating their students, especially with the amount of resources (and student’s money) available to the schools.

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