College Students Laughed After Locking A Black Student Out Of Her Dorm

Three students at the University of North Dakota posted a Snapchat photo of them smiling and laughing after they locked a student out of her dorm room.

Snapchat users have used the app to send a picture of a racist shooting and a short video of a prankster throwing a drink at a homeless man. Recently, three students used the mobile app to post a racist photo with an offensive caption. 

Three students at the University of North Dakota allegedly locked a black student out of her own dorm room and captured themselves laughing and smiling afterwards, according to Raw Story.

Etonde Maloke, an African-American student at the university, noticed the photo that the students took on her friend’s phone and she posted the offensive image on Facebook.

Woman Posts Racist Snapchat By Fellow Students

“My friend left her phone in the room and the three kids pictured below took her phone and took the snapchat pictured below," Maloke said. “They captioned it ‘locked the black b**** out.’ My friend was not aware that they had done this and didn’t even realize they had put this on her snapchat story until another friend of ours pointed it out.”

The University of North Dakota is investigating the racist Snapchat photo and issued a statement on Twitter saying, “What is portrayed is not part of the community values that we expound. We take seriously issues related to respect for all.”

Maloke further discussed the discriminatory post saying, “We all know racism is alive and well, whether you like to admit it or not. When said acts of racism happens at your school, it is infuriating and heartbreaking.”

The university also included in their tweet that they are currently “in the process of gathering information,” and disciplinary action has yet to be reported.

These students should be rightfully punished for their racist behavior and should be told by authorities that this is unacceptable. 

Banner Image Credit: Raw Story, Twitter

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