Colombian TV Host Wears Mask Depicting An 'Asian' Face To Mock Asians

The segment aired after Edwin Cardona, a Colombian football player, made a racist mocking gesture at Korean captain Ki Sung-yueng.

During a friendly soccer game between Colombia and South Korea last week, Colombian soccer player Edwin Cardona made slant eyes toward South Korean players during a scuffle.

After people called out him over the incredibly racist gesture, Cardona eventually released an apology, saying his intention was not to "offend" anyone.

However, just when the heated backlash was beginning to cool down, a Colombian TV show repeated the same offensive gesture deliberately.

While discussing Cardona's actions, one of the hosts on "La Kalle”, the Colombian TV show in question, not only made slant eyes, she also wore a mask depicting an “Asian” face.

Obviously, the deliberate - and blatantly racist - actions of the woman prompted outrage:




Even more disturbing is the fact that this particular segment turned out to be the third such incident in a month.

The third incident took place in October when an unidentified man made the same racist gesture on  “Dia a Dia,” another Colombian TV show, as they introduced South Korean K-pop group.

Banner / Thumbnail : Sarang / Wikimedia Commons

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