Colorado GOP Chair Is Getting Death Threats From Trump Supporters

After the disastrous Colorado primary that left Trump with no delegates, his supporters are angry.

The Democrats have had their fair share of voter disenfranchisement issues, but the Colorado GOP caucus may have taken the cake, as not a single individual in the state was allowed to actually cast a vote for a candidate.

Instead, Colorado voted on delegates; as the Washington Post reports, “It was essentially a free-for-all. County delegate candidates were given literally just a few seconds to make their pitches; some held up signs, while others worked the room for support.”

This incredibly undemocratic, technical process led to Ted Cruz sweeping up all of Colorado’s 34 delegates, as he was the only candidate with any form of ground game (Trump doesn’t even know what ground game is).

Trump, somewhat accurately, protested this through Twitter.



However, his supporters took this to an unconscionable level, sending terrible death threats to the Colorado GOP chair, Steve House, telling him to kill himself and warning him they’d come after his family.

“Do me a favor,” said one of the threats. “Get your gun, put it in your mouth, pull the trigger, I’ll call you back in two minutes. If you can’t do that, I’m gonna send somebody over to the house and help you.”

This level of rhetoric is disgusting but exemplifies the mindset of Trump supporters, who have continued to be vile, vicious, and violent throughout this entire election cycle.

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House wrote on Facebook to address the comments: “Shame on the people who think somehow that it is right to threaten me and my family over not liking the outcome of an election,” he said.

It’s unsurprising yet still disappointing to see what Trump supporters spew on a daily basis.

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