Comcast's Taking Its Sweet Time Paying Back $1,775 It Took From A Man

Nearly 2 years after the error occurred, Comcast still hasn't paid back a man after the company erroneously withdrew almost $2,000 from his account.


Comcast isn’t exactly known for itsstellar customer service,but one man’s experience with the company epitomizes why many customers remain frustrated.

More than five years years ago, Robert (who has chosen not to reveal his last name) “signed up for a two-year business-tier contract in early 2011, but he downgraded his service in 2014 to a lower rate,” according to Raw Story.

He later discovered that Comcast had withdrawn $1,775 from his account and cited “early termination fees.” When he questioned Comcast representatives, they acknowledged the mistake and said they would rectify it.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out so easily. Three months after Robert had identified the error, he still hadn’t received a check. He called customer service to inquire about it, where he was met with laughter.

“The rep actually laughed when I told her I didn’t get a check yet,” he told Consumerist. “She said it would take three months.”

It’s been over a year and a half and he has yet to receive a check.

This situation is largely unsurprising for those who are accustomed to Comcast’s quality of customer service—even Robert admits he isn’t expecting his check anytime soon. 


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