Genius Comedian Chucked Swastika-Branded Balls At Trump

British comedian, Lee Nelson, threw a handful of bright, swastika-branded golf balls at Donald Trump during his speech at a Scottish golf course.

This comedian took the Hitler-Trump comparison to a new level. 

British comedian, Lee Nelson was wearing a Trump Turnberry sweater when he threw swastika-branded golf balls at Trump during the re-opening of the presidential candidate’s Scottish golf course, according to Raw Story.

Trump gave a press conference at the 9th hole of his golf course, cheering on the Brexit vote and speaking about the need to lower the value of the British pound in order for his golf course to be more affordable.  

“I forgot to hand them out before, I’m very sorry Mr. Trump, and thank you, I apologize,” Nelson said.

Countless red swastika golf balls were seen lying on the grass of the golf course as Nelson was being escorted out of the event. 

Banner Image Credit: Celebrity Cutouts, Facebook user

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