Eighth Grader Raises $1,000 To Give Community A Day Of Free Laundry

A young girl noticed that many children were wearing dirty clothes, so she decided to raise money to help them focus on their education, not their wardrobe.

Inside of a public laundromat

Thanks to a selfless eighth-grader, several young kids will no longer have to go to school wearing dirty clothes.

Jayera Griffin was helping younger kids at her school as a tutor when she noticed some of them were not wearing clean clothing.

“I would see that their clothes weren’t as clean as they could be,” she told a local Illinois news organization. “So I thought they would focus more on what people would think about them and that it would lower their self-esteem.”

Instead of scolding the kids or shaming them, Griffin decided to be proactive. She came up with the idea of raising money so that all the kids could come and get their clothes washed for free.

Finally, this past Tuesday, the girl was able to hold the “Free Wash Day” at Mama’s laundromat.

Thankfully, parents appreciated Griffin’s attitude and community service.

“I’m glad she is seeing something that maybe we adults don’t see [at] times. Maybe our kids’ clothes should be a little bit cleaner. I really appreciated her for raising the money,” a mother of two, Keochia Alexander, told reporters.

Griffin, who managed to raise $1,000 to help the children in her community, said she couldn’t be happier. And neither could her dad, Michael Griffin, who told reporters he was really proud of his little girl.

“We raised her to be like this, where she knows to give and help out other people. A lot of people don’t have what we have and don’t have the luck we have. I’m very proud of her,” he said.

Griffin said that in August, when she goes back to school, she wants to raise money again to help more kids.

It’s people (and children) like her that we should be celebrating at every turn. After all, they are the ones making a real difference while elected officials turn their backs to their communities. We praise Griffin for finding the strength to be of use to her friends, and we hope she continues inspiring others in the future.

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