'Complicit' Ivanka Slammed For Hypocritical Women's Equality Day Post

As citizens across the country observed the day with promises to continue fighting for equality, Ivanka Trump decided to give her own hypocritical shout-out.

Once again, Ivanka Trump tried to portray herself as a champion of women’s rights, but social media swiftly called her out for her “complicity” in an administration very much against equality.

Aug. 26 is noted as Women’s Equality Day across the United States, given on this date in 1920 the 19th Amendment was passed granting women the right to vote (although non-white women were prevented from exercising their right to vote in some states until the passing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965).

As citizens across the country observed this day with promises to continue fighting for equality, the Trump family Barbie doll decided to give her own hypocritical shout-out.

“On #WomensEqualityDay, 98 years ago today, American women were given the right to vote,” Trump’s senior adviser wrote on Twitter. “When women around the globe are empowered to fully and freely participate in all aspects of society, the world will be more safe, just and prosperous for all!”

And Twitter promptly sent the walking contradiction over 3,000 responses, slamming her for publicly advocating for equality yet silently allowing her father to tear that value to shreds.  

Without diving into the blond airhead’s ignorant dismissal of women of color’s voting rights, Trump’s attempt at an empowering tweet is dripping in hypocrisy as the president’s daughter has failed to deliver on her own women’s rights promise.

She has not stood up to her father’s policies, refusing to speak up against family separation until asked about her stance on it earlier this month. And while she claims to fight for maternity leave, her proposal only hurts Americans' retirement benefits

Absurdly enough, Trump seems to believe that her social media posts and speeches reflect her feminism, but her actions express that she’s clearly complicit in the patriarchy. 

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