Official Ticketed For Running Stop Sign, So He Has The Sign Torn Down

The residents of Roosevelt, Utah, are angry after authorities removed two crucial stop signs and then, allegedly, covered up a city manager’s misconduct.

Citizens are accusing the Roosevelt, Utah, city manager of misconduct after a pair of stop signs went missing.

A group of residents who have dubbed themselves the “Concerned Citizens of Roosevelt, Utah,” allege the stop signs disappeared soon after Ryan Snow was stopped for traffic violation.

Snow was issued a ticket by Utah Highway Patrol Officer Dale Talbot for running a stop sign on March 17 at the intersection of 600 E. 300 N. in Roosevelt, as seen in the dashcam video above.

On March 21, two stop signs going north and south at the intersection were quietly removed by the public works department. Four days later, Snow’s ticket was dismissed.

“Could this be an adult temper tantrum? Could it be that it was a mere obstacle that was inconvenient for Snow's daily commute?” members posted on their Facebook page last week.

Now, the town seems to be split in two groups, with some city leaders defending Snow while others labeling the allegation as baseless.

Roosevelt Mayor Von Ryan claimed he did not see any problem with process of removing the signs and does not have any disciplinary action planned for Snow. Police Chief Rick Harrison also claimed he checked the intersection and deemed the two stops signs were not necessary because they were already traffic controlling devices at those points in the intersection.

The city manager defended his actions by posting a message on the Roosevelt City page.

Roosevelt City

He also apologized for contesting his traffic ticket.

“Now that I have seen the video I was clearly wrong, and the officer had every right to ticket me. I am sorry for my error,” Snow said.

However, the citizens aren’t convinced.

“The officer said they’ve had a lot of people running that sign,” said resident Rebecca Pittman. “The dash cam video shows the guy behind him ran it, too. It’s a dangerous intersection that people have just decided ‘who cares.’ Well, I care. My son crosses there every day. And I do not want to be known as the town that has stop lights and stop signs as memorials to children who have been hit and killed. That is not the claim to fame I want for my town.”

City Attorney Charles Grant, who let Snow off the hook for the ticket, said he regularly dismisses first-time traffic offenses and he would have done the same for anyone else.

“My daughter got a ticket at the same place on the same day,” said Chrissie Davies, disagreeing with Grant’s claim. “Hers hasn't been dismissed! And she did stop. (Maybe didn't count to 3 Mississippis).”

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