Confederate Flag Flies During Trump’s Speech In Poland

A Confederate flag was spotted among the crowd of people bussed into Warsaw by the Polish government to witness President Donald Trump's speech.



Although Dutch and French voters stomped out far-right populism by choosing more liberal candidates in their elections, United States President Donald Trump’s recent visit to Poland proves white nationalism is alive and well across the globe.

Trump was met by cheering crowds who were bussed in to Warsaw to hear his speech, Raw Story reports. Spotted among the large group was a Confederate battle flag, known by most Americans as a symbol of racism and slavery.

In a crowd shot broadcast by CNN, the flag can be seen being waved around proudly among the people. Ironically, Trump praised the spirited Polish audience after speaking on the nation’s experience in World War II.

It should be noted that the crowds were allegedly provided by the Polish government, and their enthusiastic responses were instructed to them in an effort to stroke Trump’s ego, which clearly worked. 

Twitter, however, was not impressed by the display of misguided — and presumably staged — patriotism.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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