DREAMers Still In Jeopardy, Despite Court Ruling On DACA

The Congress missing the deadline may cause thousands of DREAMers to lose their status after Trump ended the DACA protection in September.

Congress and the Trump administration exceeded the March 5 deadline to help the DREAMers, undocumented young people who came to the U.S. as children. The court has already ruled in favor of the undocumented immigrants and allowed DREAMers to renew their deportation relief. Some law experts claim these ruling have effectively dismissed the cause of the deadline, rendering it void.

The court’s ruling against the Trump administration, however, does not ensure safety for the Dreamers. Here’s why:

Some undocumented immigrants who have applied for renewed shelter and security under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) are yet to receive a reply from the court. In case these applications are not reviewed in time, they may lose their jobs, driving license and deportation relief, temporarily or permanently.

Many of the DREAMers have not been registered under the program at all; they were either too young when they arrived or failed to apply. The court’s proceedings have no affect on them either. Unless a collective verdict is reached, the fate of the DREAMers hangs in balance.

Immigration attorney Jessica Jenkins, who has worked with DACA, claimed she has two dozen DREAMers still waiting to hear for the approval of their DACA status. These renewal requests were sent in after court ruled the Trump administration to reopen programs for credible approval and disapproval of the DREAMers’ status.

This silence from the courts may cause hundreds of DREAMers to lose their status after Trump ended the DACA protection in September. He only permitted those DREAMers to apply for renewal whose status is set to expire on March 5, 2018.

However, there are thousands of applications pending for renewal and since the court does not prioritize those whose status expiration date is close, many of the undocumented immigrants are set to lose their job safety, right to drive, along with several basic needs covered under the protection program.

The long wait for the court to get to a certain application, may mean a long wait for thousands of DREAMer without any sort of protection.

Philip Wolgin, who works on immigration policy at the progressive Center for American Progress, research and advocacy organization, showed concerns that the renewal process application from DREAMers were extremely low with only about one/third of the undocumented immigrants applying for renewal in January, according to the report by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

“It doesn’t matter that you have a pending application in,” Wolgin said. “If your DACA has expired, you’re not protected from anything. They just can and will go after you.”

Court’s failure to meet the deadline has caused DREAMers to march in the U.S. capital, leading to several arrests.

White House Press secretary Sarah Sanders has accused the Congress of failing the DREAMers by doing “nothing” and using “courts as an excuse.”

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