Congressional Black Caucus May Vote To Impeach Trump

The Congressional Black Caucus has a meeting set for next week during which they are expected to discuss calling for President Donald Trump's impeachment.

Close-up of President Donald Trump in a meeting at the White House

President Donald Trump’s impeachment may soon become a reality at the hands of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).

According to Newsweek, the group is set to hold a meeting next week to decide whether to call for Trump’s impeachment. This comes on the heels of Trump’s terrible response to the violent white nationalist Charlottesville, Virginia, rally last month, which exposed him as a neo-Nazi sympathizer.

Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-Louisiana), chairman of the CBC, previously said that the caucus would have this discussion once Congress reconvened after their August recess, and the time has officially come. The caucus plans to meet next Wednesday, Newsweek reports.

“For the sake of the soul of our country, we must come together to restore our national dignity that has been robbed by Donald Trump’s presence in the White House,” said Rep. Gwen Moore, a Democrat from Wisconsin. “My Republican friends, I implore you to work with us within our capacity as elected officials to remove this man as our commander-in-chief and help us move forward from this dark period in our nation’s history.” 

Members of the CBC include some of Trump’s most fervid critics, such as Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California), who has called for his impeachment on more than one occasion, and Rep. Al Green (D-Texas), who was reportedly the first Democrat to call for Trump’s removal from office back in May.

If the CBC does vote to formally call for Trump’s impeachment, there’s a strong chance that he won’t be going anywhere in the near future as a majority vote in the House is required to impeach a president along with two-thirds majority in the Senate required to convict.

Considering that both the House and Senate are controlled by Republicans, the CBC members would have their work cut out for them to persuade both chambers to abandon their president.

Nevertheless, the CBC has proven its power before. As Newsweek notes, the group played an influential role in the impeachment of former President Richard Nixon when it filed a resolution in the House of Representatives back in 1973, making the group one of the first parties in Congress to call for his removal.

The very next year, Nixon resigned in the face of almost certain impeachment. 

Trump's approval ratings are down in the dumps and his political support is dwindling with every egregious move he makes. If the CBC gets the ball rolling on his impeachment, he may follow in Nixon's footsteps and just resign, which would still be a winning outcome. 

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