In UK, Racist Abuse Hurled At American Passenger: Go Back To Africa

“I am scared of traveling on my own, I feel scared for my children that it is not safe, I will not take them on the tram,” said an English woman after a racist incident.

Three white youths have been arrested after a video emerged of them hurling racist epithets at a man on a Manchester tram, Tuesday, because they believed he was an immigrant.

Video footage shows the three young men, aged 20, 18 and 16, who were holding beer bottles, shouting at a commuter to “Get back to Africa” who told them not to swear in the presence of children.

“Bro, I’ll waste you, I’ll waste anyone,” one of the teenagers, brandishing a beer bottle, said. “Don't chat s**t when you're not even from England, you little f**king immigrant."

"Get deported. You're a muppet. Get off the f**king tram now. Get back to Africa," he continued.

As the brawl escalated, one of the young men advanced on the commuter and flicked beer at him, eliciting screams from one of the women in the tram.

Police said the trio were now in custody and were being questioned about the incident.

The victim, who turned out to be Juan Jasso, a United States Army veteran and currently an associate lecturer at the Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Salford told Channel 4:

“It was a bit of a surreal moment because it was initially just me asking those individuals just to watch their language, which was really early in the morning and there were children about and I could tell from other’s people’s faces on the tram they didn’t really appreciate the language they were using,” said Jasso. “So I thought I would step up and say something. It has obviously escalated to what it has now.”

Jasso also said Brexit “maybe has pushed people to somehow justify that they think it's OK now to act out in this way.”
After the incident, Jasso was applauded for holding his ground against the three men.

“I was feeling sad, I now feel scared coming to work,” said a woman, who witnessed the incident.”They were three boys, they weren’t very old.”

 “This is a disgusting display of abuse which quite frankly has no place in society,” said Chief Inspector Gareth Parkin of the Great Manchester Police. “All hate incidents are treated with the upmost severity and this behavior will not be tolerated in Greater Manchester.”

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