Pro-Trump Conservative Wants To Reward Red States With Taxpayer Money

John Philips suggests Trump should spend money on infrastructure in majority-Republican districts as a way to push Democrats to approve the bill.

Conservative columnist John Philips stunned a CNN panel, after suggesting President Donald Trump to punish the blue states.

In his view, the bipartisan infrastructure bill should only be spent in majority Republican districts as a way of pushing the Democrats to approve the bipartisan deal.

When asked if Trump’s proposed infrastructure bill was a priority for Trump supporters, he said, “absolutely, and think it’s wonderfully altruistic for him to want to get a bipartisan bill through.”

“But, he should have Plan B ready to go, because that is likely to fall apart almost immediately. I suspect the Democrats will go into this being both greedy and difficult. Trump’s going to be left holding the price tag. They’ll ask for the moon and they’ll be difficult because once you’ve been part of the resistance, it’s hard to go from saying he should be impeached to saying your bridges are irresistible,” he added.

Philips then suggested the commander-in-chief to spend more money in red states. “I would do that by spending the money in red states and when I spend money in blue states, I would make sure to target that money in districts where vulnerable Republicans are running for reelection,” he continued.

“Wow, that be incredibly — you know — sort of blatantly political,” said host Dana Bash who was naturally stunned by Philips one-sided rhetoric.

Philips suggestion just goes to show the Republicans aren’t really bothered about anybody but themselves but, his suggestion portrayed the complete opposite of what Trump has been saying after winning his bid for presidency, which was to represent everybody.

It is pertinent to note that the taxes contributed to the federal government are from people from all kinds of political leanings and they are supposed to be spent for the commonwealth and benefit of everyone living in America —  not just Republicans.

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