Conservatives Have It Harder Than Women, According To Tomi Lahren

The conservative pundit is leading her followers to some steep and problematic comparisons that do very little to help women of any political affiliation.

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Former "TheBlaze" Host Tomi Lahren is back, and she's picked up squarely where she left off as a sterling example of the snowflake mentality for which she always slams the left.

During her speech at a leadership conference in Dallas, she presented the bizarre idea that women in the United States have it better than conservative Americans. 

"There's no better place to be a woman than the United States of America," she told the audience made mostly of teens and her peers.

She went on to remark how hard it is to be a conservative in America, revealing that right-leaning women confide in her that "one of the hardest things to be is a conservative."

Before we clear up some of the misinformation in Lahren's statement, we should note that entering into the Oppression Olympics is never a good idea (at the end of this article we'll give an example of why). We can recognize the nuanced and intersecting struggles of different groups without comparing them, but since Lahren's playing the victim, let's explain a few things.

The 2017 Best Countries Report ranked the U.S. as number 16 in the world in terms of its policies and practices in regards to women, with countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Canada among the top five best countries for women to live.

Considering that U.S. policies and practices concerning discrimination put it on the same level as Iran, it ranks 65th in the world in terms of wage equality, and women only make up 19.4 percent of the 535 seats in Congress, to insinuate that women here have it the best is ignorance.

Lahren also does a great disservice to all women when she enables the belittling of the very real struggles they go through. If she tells conservative women that it's great to be a woman in America, but hard to be a conservative, she's fostering party allegiance at the expense of gender equality. She is feeding ideas that keep women of different political beliefs divided when it is actually in the best interest of them all to work together.

By and large, there are many more things conservative women share with liberal women than they do with the Republican Party.

When women approach Lahren and say that being a conservative is hard, we have to believe them. America is a heavily polarized nation right now and it's not uncommon for people to socialize exclusively in circles of like-minded folk, rejecting those who might think differently than they do out of fear of rejection from their own communities.

When someone says that it is hard to be a conservative, it's not right to utterly discredit them. However, when they compare that struggle to the struggles of others, the waters get choppy, especially when we look at where the power in America lies. 

At the end of the day, guess who has more seats in Congress than women? Conservatives. Guess who's in the White House? Conservatives. Guess who is making decisions that will impact the lives of millions of women across America and the world

Yep, conservatives.

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