Is The United States Heading Toward A Pence Presidency?

A President Pence would most probably push the same agenda as Trump and would be just as bad (if not worse) when it comes to women, the working class, people of color and LGBTQ Americans.

As President Donald Trump shows no sign of stopping his goof-ups, the appeal to remove him from office is, slowly but surely, growing among even Republicans.

The Democratic Party has been saying for months the president is uniquely unfit for office, has the temperament of a toddler, is a Nazi sympathizer and is, frankly, a disgrace.

After four months of total chaos in the White House under Trump, to some conservatives (and even liberals and Democrats), Vice President Mike Pence is increasingly looking like a better alternative, especially now that it’s been revealed that Trump tried to tamper with the FBI’s Russia investigation.

After all of this, it seems Pence might be just a tweet away from assuming the presidency.

Pence stands for everything liberal Democrats hate; he is a hard-core conservative who has long been in opposition of abortion rights and has pushed for religious exemption to laws on LGBTQ rights.

However, in terms of temperament, he is the total opposite of Trump and represents stability.

Erick Erickson, a conservative pundit and a strong opponent of Trump, wrote earlier this week the GOP party should just abandon the president because they have “no need for him with Mike Pence in the wings.”

This longing for Pence is nothing new and is perhaps Washington’s worst-kept secret. A large number of Republican lobbyists already view the vice president as a source of normalcy in an otherwise chaotic Oval Office.

“I find it unlikely that Trump is going anywhere,” said an anonymous GOP lobbyist. “That being said, Pence is well-liked on the Hill, fairly predictable and doesn't stir up much unnecessary drama.”

In fact, according to a new poll, 62 percent of Democrats now say they would prefer Pence in the White House over Trump. No elected Democrat would admit there is any difference between Trump and Pence and “both are terrible” is the most likely response from them on Capitol Hill. But behind scenes, so to speak, they claim Pence to be “100 percent better.”

“I’d sleep easier with almost any other human being as president than Donald Trump,” former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau told BuzzFeed News. “I’m not as worried [Pence] would accidentally start a nuclear war because some Breitbart lunatic floated a conspiracy that got under his skin."

“I never thought I'd be in a world where I'd say this, but I'd much rather have Mike Pence in the Oval Office,” said another former senior Obama administration official. “And the reason comes down to one word: crisis. All of the chaos of the last two months in the Trump White House has been self-inflicted.”

Even activist and filmmaker Joss Whedon conceded that he would rather have the lesser (or possibly, the saner) of the two evils.

“Mike Pence is a loathsome swine who has every intention of stripping basic rights from most of the country. And he’s blithely complicit in abetting Bannon’s deliberate dissolution of our democracy,” Whedon said in an email to BuzzFeed News. “Would I prefer he were president instead of the quivering, Tang-sweating, praise-eating, Putin-smooching, laser-pointer-chasing man-brat we have now? Yes.”

President Pence would probably promote the same agenda as Trump and would be just as bad (if not worse) when it comes to women, the working class, people of color and LGBTQ Americans. However, there is some consolation in knowing the fact that he will probably not send out temper-tantrum tweets, blurt out every sensitive piece of intel and will show a modicum of respect toward the press.

Republicans and Democrats alike believe there is more than a small probability that Trump won't finish his term, which could mean the U.S. is well on its way to a Pence presidency.

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