Conservatives Try To Scare 12-Year-Old Rape Victim Out Of An Abortion

Two Alabama conservatives lambasted a pregnant 12-year-old girl in a press conference for seeking approval to have an abortion after being raped.

Two prominent Alabama conservatives have used their pro-life views to criticize a 12-year-old pregnant rape victim.

The unnamed pre-teen was denied the right to have an abortion last week by a local district attorney, but was given a judicial bypass by the Alabama Civil Court of Appeals to move forward with the procedure.

The young girl has no family support as her father is absent from her life and her mother is abusive, according to Mediaite.

Following the court of appeals decision, Win Johnson — the conservative legal director for the Administrative Office of Courts under former Chief Justice Roy Moore — offered his perspective on the issue in the form of persecuting the court of appeals and the young victim.

“[The ruling said the victim] was mature enough — and I’m going to put this in its starkest terms — to decide to murder her own child in her womb,” Johnson reportedly said during a news conference on Wednesday.  

Needless to say, accusing a traumatized and abused 12-year-old of murder for not wanting to give birth to her attacker’s child is more than a little insensitive and harsh.

Then there is Lorie Mullins, executive director of COPE Pregnancy Center located in Montgomery, who asserted that the girl, “probably has trouble deciding what shirt to wear to school,” in order to validate her point that she shouldn't be given adult decisions to make.

“The courts, the law has decided that she’s not old enough, wise enough and mature enough to make her own decision about whether or not she wants to drink, to buy a pack of cigarettes to drive a car, but they've now put this decision, this responsibility in her hands," Mullins added.

“I don’t know what the perfect answer is, but I know this is not it,” Mullins concluded. “If I could actually speak to this child, the only thing I could say to her is you’ve been robbed of your childhood. Don’t rob yourself of your future.”

Interestingly enough, both Johnson and Mullins's remarks could also be used to make a case for why the girl should have the abortion. If the argument is that the girl isn’t mature enough to make a decision of this nature about her body, how could she possibly be mature enough to carry, deliver, and raise a child? 

Mullins and Johnson are advocating so strongly for the unborn child's life, but seem to be overlooking the reality of what's best for the victim's life. The girl is still a child herself, and her pregnancy is a symbol of the violation of her body and her innocence being stolen from her.

Hasn't she endured enough anguish without having to add in the stresses that come with pregnancy and motherhood? This procedure could very well be her second chance to try to resume a normal life as an average pre-teen. 

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