Conspiracy Theorists Brand #MeToo As Russian Propaganda

Conspiracy theorists claim accusations against ousted NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman are “Russian propaganda” and a “win for Putin.”



New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was recently accused of sexual assault by four women after a New Yorker investigation quoted two women on the record, saying he allegedly hit and choked them and called one of the women his “slave.”

In light of the controversy, the lawmaker has since resigned after vehemently denying the accusations against him.

What was a huge damning blot on Schneiderman’s career came as an opportunity for conspiracy theorists to push claims that the accusations served a higher agenda.

Some of these conspiracy theorists used this case to brand the #MeToo movement as “Russian propaganda.”

The leading conspiracy-monger pushing this theory is Louise Mensch — a former member of the U.K. Parliament— who spends her days giving her opinion on U.S. politics. Another gem from her archives is that Steve Bannon has already been convicted and sentenced to death. (He is alive and well.)

She called the accusations against Schneiderman a win for Russian President Vladimir Putin.



Much like the treatment of women who dare speak up against powerful men, Twitter users were brutal to Schneiderman’s accusers.

Manning Barish, one of the accusers in this case, was attacked on Twitter with users spewing the vitriol and attacking her 9-year-old daughter.



They accused her for being a sell-out who is making up stories for money.





This trend of accusing the accusers of wrongdoing is nothing new, as was recently observed in the case of  the #MeToo movement, but this is not the only conspiracy theory surrounding the allegations against Schneiderman.

Conservative supporters used this opportunity to push propaganda by citing reports that Schneiderman closed investigation on alleged sex cult NXIVM because he was covering up for them, whereas websites like Your News Wire have published unsubstantiated conspiracy theories that NXIVM sold children to the Clintons. Even though the headline of the piece echoed the claim, the text of the article never mentioned it.

Sadly, these very disturbing claims against Schneiderman, which should be treated for what they are — accusations made by women who were brave enough to speak up against a very strong man — have become a battle ground for Liberals and Conservatives and in the midst of it all, the glaring sexual discrimination and harassment, deep-rooted in the society has been blatantly ignored.

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