Conspiracy Theorists Claim Canada Is Passing ‘Sharia Law’ – It’s A Lie

The non-binding motion in question, M-103, calls on the government to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.”

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Right-wing conspiracy theorists all across Canada are crying bloody murder because somehow they have come to the conclusion that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is about to pass a law making it illegal to criticize Islam.

Conservative websites are set abuzz with rumors that non-binding motion M-103 is a secret “Islamic blasphemy law” that would take away their freedom of speech and subsequently turn the country into a “Sharia state.”

Far-right Canadian media website The Rebel warned its audience, “The Canadian government is preparing to silence anyone who criticizes Islam.”

Even notorious American anti-Islam activist, Pamella Gellar, jumped on the bandwagon to invoke fears and trepidation in the hearts of countless people on both sides.


“In order to push this vote forward, [Justin] Trudeau has diabolically employed psychological warfare tactics created by the Muslim Brotherhood, and has smeared the entire Canadian population with the lie that they are Islamophobic,” stated a blog post on her website.

But here is the thing, none of them have any evidence to backup these outrageous claims, which is understandable considering M-103 is not what these conspiracy theorists have made it out to be.

All this talk about anti-Islamophobia motion is a lie.

As the BuzzFeed News reports, M-103 calls on the government to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.”

To make it simple to understand, the motion only asks the authorities to study the growing wave of anti-Muslim sentiments. It does not ask to punish those who criticize the religion.

Pakistani-Canadian Liberal politician Iqra Khalid, who represents Mississauga-Erin Mills in the House of Commons, introduced the resolution in early December.

The proposal also requests the heritage “to study the problem and make recommendations on how to combat such discrimination.”

The motion comes at a time when incidents of Islamophobic harassment are at an all time high. Just recently, a white supremacist fatally shot six Muslim men during an attack on a mosque in Quebec, bringing hate crimes under a global spotlight.

“Unfortunately, systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia have been problems in Canadian society,” explained Khalid, adding if her motion were to impose Sharia on Canadians, she would be the first person to oppose it.

“It’s quite the opposite. It’s about finding peaceful ways that we can live together,” she said.

So yes, your right of free speech is going to remain intact, as it should be, but let it also serve as a reminder that people of other faiths — particularly Muslims — are also allowed to pray and act whichever way that want.

The freedom works both way and definitely does not allow one party to marginalize or demonize the other.

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