Conveniently, Ivanka’s Businesses Are Protected From Trump’s Trade War

President Donald Trump's trade war with China appears to not affect his daughter's dealings with Chinese factories. Could that be by design?

Ivanka Trump smiles in front of microphone while Donald Trump stands behind her.

President Donald Trump has been aggressively defending the protectionist economic policies that have made business for Harley-Davidson difficult, and yet, his draconian tariffs on Chinese goods won’t hurt businesses like his daughter’s, which heavily relies on Chinese-made items.

How convenient.

HuffPost reports that while tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods were raised on Friday, the clothing industry is immune. As a result, Ivanka Trump’s fashion line is also being spared from her dad’s personal war.

Ivanka Trump’s fashion line used to get shoes supplied from Chengdu Kameido Shoes in Sichuan province, China. Hangzhou HS Fashion, another Chinese company, has also provided Ivanka Trump’s brand with shoes.

But since mid-March, her company hasn’t reportedly received any shipments from China. Still, Ivanka Trump’s company is bidding for a new contract that would see Chengdu Kameido Shoes produce another 140,000 pairs.

Other countries that also do business with the president’s daughter include South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. And no, not one single shoe of her line is made in the United States, despite the president’s repeated calls for American companies to hire American workers.

But then again, that’s not the only sector of the president’s economic policies that make no sense. After all, he might say that his trade war with China is for our own good, yet the ones who are set to hurt because of the increased tariffs are mostly American businesses.

After the Trump administration announced the new tariffs, China upped tariffs on U.S. exports, such as soy, dairy products, apples, whiskey, cigarettes, cars, seafood, pet food, and many other items. As a result, many farmers said they are afraid that products they had produced with the Chinese market in mind will no longer be purchased. This could open the market to other competitors, making it hard for American farmers to regain their position and hurting the American economy as a result.

Iowa soybean grower John Heisdorffer is one of the many farmers who are fearful of what the future will bring.

“Soybeans are the top agriculture export for the United States, and China is the top market for purchasing those exports,” Heisdorffer said in a statement. “The math is simple. You tax soybean exports at 25 percent, and you have serious damage to U.S. farmers.”

Despite the farmers’ desperate pleas, the fact the Trump family continues to have Trump-branded items produced in foreign facilities makes us think the president isn’t quite ready to let go of the cheap labor just so he may sound less hypocritical.

In addition, the president still profits from business partnerships with companies sponsored by the Chinese government.

In the past, the president’s daughter was able to secure several valuable trademarks in China just after Trump managed to lift U.S. sanctions against Chinese telecom company ZTE. And what’s even more concerning, he only announced his support for the end of sanctions against ZTE 72 hours after the Chinese government agreed to invest half-a-billion dollars in a partnership with the Trump family businesses that would oversee developments in Indonesia.

Then, the deal was accused of raising “serious ethical issues.” And still, even after all that, the president seems unfazed by the fact his daughter’s businesses won’t hurt because of his trade war with China.

Could it be that the president is OK with being accused of using his presidency to help his family’s business?

Lest he forgets, this is the same type of accusations he made against his former Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.


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