Cop Accused Of Raping Woman He Was Supposed To Take To Jail

A Georgia police officer has been charged with rape after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her while he was supposed to be transporting her to jail.

Members of the United States law enforcement have really been abusing their powers and creating an irreparable rift between themselves and the public.

From shooting innocent people to sexual abuse scandals, cops throughout the nation are completely destroying whatever trust society is supposed to have in them.

Adding to the list of disgusting police misconduct incidents, a Georgia cop has recently been accused of raping a woman while he was transporting her to jail, according to CNN.

Former officer James Larry Robinson of Jonesboro, Georgia faces charges of rape and sexual assault against a person in custody. He was denied bond in a court hearing on Wednesday.

The unnamed victim launched the complaint against 36-year-old Robinson last month, which prompted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to look into the matter.

The woman claimed that Robinson was driving her from the Riverdale Police Department to the Clayton County Jail when he pulled over near an empty building and sexually assaulted her.

Employees at a nearby tire shop said the woman had come by after the incident requesting footage from their security cameras — presumably, to use as evidence against Robinson.

Before the GBI investigation fully got underway, Robinson turned himself in, and he was terminated from the force the same day.

The whole ordeal has come around full circle, as Robinson is now behind bars in Clayton County Jail — where he belongs. 

Banner Photo Credit: Pixabay user cocoparisienne

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