Cop Accused Of 'Sexting' Boy Acquitted Of Domestic Violence Charges

The Baltimore officer was first charged in a case involving a 15-year-old boy, but later, he was arrested following a domestic dispute with his boyfriend.

A 22-year-old police officer from Baltimore accused of “sexting” a 15-year-old boy was acquitted of charges related to another crime involving a domestic dispute.

In March, Baltimore officer Timothy Rae George III was charged with second-degree assault, false imprisonment, malicious destruction, and theft following a domestic dispute with his boyfriend, WBAL 1090 News radio reported. But months before that, in November 2016, George was charged with "sexting" a 15-year-old boy.

The boy's father, who found out about the relationship, alerted the police about George's behavior. This led to charges of third-degree felonies of disseminating explicit sexual materials to a minor, sexual abuse of a child and unlawful contact with a minor, and first-degree misdemeanor of corruption of a minor.

George allegedly met the boy through Facebook in August. They promptly started talking via Facebook's Messenger app and via text messages. According to court documents, the teen sent George photos of himself, as well as a video showing the 15-year-old self-stimulating.

Documents also allege that the two discussed getting married, despite the boy's age.

Furthermore, George offered the teen “explicit, detailed verbal descriptions (and) narrative accounts of sexual excitement via text messages,” and “intentionally had contact with the minor in an attempt to have sexual contact with” him, the court documents add.

To collect proof of this relationship, the Northern Regional Police obtained a warrant to seize George's cell phone after the teen's father intervened.

George, who has been an officer with the Baltimore police since June 2014, was suspended without pay following the charges involving a minor. On March 3, the 22-year-old was cleared in the domestic violence-related case, but he will still face a pre-trial conference on the case involving a minor, which is scheduled for April 13.

No further details on the case were readily available.

Discussing this type of sexual misconduct may help us highlight other serious cases of abuse, such as the one involving a 12-year-old who was raped with the blessing of her own mother by her stepfather.

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