Cop Canned After Telling Black Men They ‘Don’t Belong’ In His City

England, Arkansas, resident Demarcus Bunch claimed he reported the incident to Police Chief Danna Powell soon after, but he got no reply for 15 days.

Yet another racist cop has been exposed and subsequently fired for mistreating people of color.

In England, Arkansas, Officer Mike Moore was given the boot after resident Demarcus Bunch shared footage of an incident from last month during which Moore told him and his cousin, Shannon Scribner, that they didn’t "belong" in his city, The Hill reports.

Bunch told local reporters that he and his cousin were filming a music video scene when Moore slowed down in his patrol car, parked near them, and watched them finish up and pack up their belongings to move to the next filming location.

“I was wondering, ‘Why is he doing this?'” Bunch recounted. “We’re in small England. Everybody knows everybody.”

Bunch claimed Moore continued to follow them to the next area.

“That's when my cousin and I said, 'Let's go let him know who we are and what we are doing,'” Bunch said.

After Bunch and Scribner approached Moore’s vehicle, he got out and introduced himself. Bunch and Scribner responded in kind.

“We are Dale Scribner's nephews,” Bunch told Moore, referring to his uncle, who is also a police officer.

"We are here just trying to record a video," Scribner added.

Moore responded with a simple, “OK, and?” as if to suggest he didn’t care who their uncle was or what they were up to.

"We just noticed you’ve been following us everywhere,” Bunch replied.

“Are you recording right now?” Moore asked Bunch, to which he replied: “Yeah, we are.”

“You know why? Because you don’t belong in my city,” Moore said.

"We're from here,” Bunch retorted.

"But you understand, I know who my people are, right, who belongs here and who doesn't... We've got gang wars going on, we've got all kinds of stuff. I come from the big city where this stuff is small, OK? So, that's cool. Do your thing,” Moore said.

The two men started to go back and forth with Moore, asserting that they grew up in England and therefore did belong there, until Moore eventually told them to back away from his car because he was about to “get [his] dog out.”

After the encounter, Moore remained in the area for several more minutes and even took his dog out of the squad car before finally leaving.

Bunch claimed he reported the incident to Police Chief Danna Powell soon after, but he got no reply for 15 days. The department’s lack of action prompted Bunch to share the footage from the ordeal on his Facebook profile.

"We wanted to give the chief the opportunity to perform her investigation,” Scribner said. “So we held the video close to our chest and waited for her to provide a response.”

As of Wednesday, the department announced that Moore was terminated. However, Bunch said he thinks something should have been done long before.

“Personally, I feel like the chief should be held accountable as well for allowing him to even continue to work as long as he's worked after showing of the video,” Bunch said.

This situation is a prime example showing why camera phone footage has become so important to raise awareness around police misconduct and brutality. If Bunch didn't have this footage, it's likely that the department would have continued to ignore him, and Moore would still be on the force, free to harass other civilians.

Moore knew he was being filmed and still, unapologetically, profiled Bunch and Scribner to their faces, arguing that because he has never seen them they "don't belong" and mentioning local gang wars as if to suggest that he suspects them of being involved. This type of racial policing must come to an end.  

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