Cop Fired For Facebook Post Saying FLOTUS Is 'Fluent In Ghetto'

A police officer in Alabama was fired from the force after he posted a racist meme which compared Melania Trump to First Lady Michelle Obama.

Being a Donald Trump supporter can cost you your job. At least that was deservedly the case with a police officer from Talladega, Alabama.

Officer Joel Husk was fired from the police force after he posted a racist meme which compared the next first lady, Melania Trump, with current First Lady Michelle Obama, on Facebook.

WBRC reported that the meme, which is one among many posted about  Obama on the internet, flaunts Melania Trump’s fluency in “Solvenian, English, French, Serbian, and German,” while claiming that Obama is only "fluent in ghetto.”

racist meme

Talladega City Manager Patrick Bryant condemned Husk’s post in a statement.

“We will not tolerate that kind of conduct by any employees,” he said. “We take very seriously our responsibility to treat everyone equally and equitably. We have to make sure we take steps for the community to trust us.”

This isn’t the first time that the First Lady has been the subject of racist material on the Internet.

Earlier this week, Pamela Ramsey Taylor of Clay County Development Corp. was removed from her director position when she made a Facebook post in which she referred to Michelle Obama as an "ape in heels.”

It seems that the election of Donald Trump has led some people in the country to believe that it is now acceptable to flaunt their bigotry all over social media without facing any consequences.

At this rate, many of Donald Trump’s supporters are going to find themselves unemployed at some point in the next four years.

Donald Trump may be sitting in the Oval Office, but he is not a king who can save your job. This police officer is finding that out the hard way. 

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