Cop Who Shot Black Teen Said His Eyes ‘Were Bugging Out Of His Head’

“His face had no expression — his eyes were bugging out of his head; he had these huge white eyes just staring through me,” testified the cop.

Black Teen

Chicago police officer, Jason Van Dyke, who fatally shot an African-American teenager 16 times, tried justifying his act of brutality in his testimony.

The white cop defended himself at the Cook County Criminal Courthouse in front of jurors, claiming when he and his friend stepped out of their patrol car; Laquan McDonald was walking towards them with a knife in his hand.

Van Dyke’s attorneys have also been trying to cover-up his crime for a long time, claiming the teenager "swung the knife toward the officers in an aggressive manner," which is why the cop defended himself.

But the video of the McDonald’s brutal killing shows a completely different story. In the video, the teenager can be seen getting away from both of the cops. That’s when Van Dyke shot him, and he kept shooting long after the McDonald was lying on the ground unconscious.

Now the cop has revealed that it wasn’t only the knife that bothered him, but the victim’s eyes that made him shoot. “His face had no expression — his eyes were bugging out of his head; he had these huge white eyes just staring through me,” Van Dyke testified.

The Chicago cop has now come up with another story, claiming that he told McDonald’s to drop the knife but “he never stopped” and kept advancing towards the officers until he was 10 – 15 feet away from them.

All these details magically do not appear in the police dashcam footage of McDonald’s shooting. The video was released a year after his death. 

“We never lost eye contact," said the cop. "His eyes were bugging out of his face. His face was expressionless."

According to Van Dyke’s testimony, the victim had his torso turned to him, but apparently he was waving the knife "from the lower right side upwards" to his left shoulder.

When the defense attorney asked the cop about the action he took after all this. The cop said he shot him; however, somehow his memory was at a loss – because he couldn’t remember how many times he shot the victim.

"I shot him," said the cop as his face turned red.

“Once I recognized he was on the ground, I stopped shooting," Van Dyke testified. However, he said he saw McDonald "starting to push up from the ground" and that "his eyes are still bugged out."

The cop added that McDonald didn’t ever drop his knife, so he kept shooting — but only at the knife.

"I kept on looking at the knife and I shot at it ... I just kept wanting him to get rid of the knife," Van Dyke said. When the attorney asked the cop how many times he reloaded his gun, the cop said, "I think I fired two or three shots."

He fired McDonald 16 times.

The video of the shooting is proof that this testimony is vague and sounds cooked up on many levels.

Even if McDonald had a knife in his hand, the officer could have always tazed him, instead of shooting at him that he now claims were aims taken at the victim’s knife.

Van Dyke is reportedly the first Chicago police officer to be charged with first-degree murder for an on-duty fatality in over three decades. The cop is facing six counts of first-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery after police dashcam footage from 2014 showed him shooting the teenager.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune, Pool via Reuters, File Photo

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