Pitbull Track Interrupts Chile National Anthem At Copa America

Copa America organizers can't seem to stop making errors on the world soccer stage.

The 2016 Copa America, formerly known as the South American Football Championship, is in full-swing, but it seems like the organizers haven’t got a grip on the event yet.

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In what seems to be another disaster, Chilean players passionately singing their national anthem were interrupted by a Pitbull song, as the DJ played the wrong track. The Chile team was thrown off right before their Group D clash with Argentina, in Santa Clara, California.



Apparently, the error occurred since Pitbull’s song was next up in line to be played before the game. The organizers soon took note of what was happening and shut off the track, allowing the players and team supporters to continue singing the anthem.

Interestingly, this happened just a day after another incident took place where Chile’s national anthem was played instead of Uruguay’s, right before Uruguay began its game against Mexico.



The eventful day ended with Chile losing to Argentina with a 2-1 defeat.

Whether the music system at Copa America is jinxed or the sound board operators need to snap out of their stupor, one can only hope that the organizers will take control of the situation and stop such errors from continuing in the future.

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