Cops Arrest Muslim Couple At Tesco Who Wanted To Buy Bottled Water

“We’re in Tesco and for some reason they've got a different policy to every other Tesco up and down the country. Every other Tesco we managed to get these Volvic bottles, as many as we want.”



A Muslim couple in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, was dragged to the floor and was arrested by police officers at a Tesco checkout after staff at the store refused to give them a trolley full of bottled water.

Nasir Hussain and Mahira Hussain loaded a trolley full of bottled water and went to the checkout counter. However, they were told that they couldn’t buy more than 10 bottles of mineral water. That is when things turned ugly.

The couple had an argument with a security guard. The incident was recorded on camera in which the man could be seen having an argument with a police officer.

At the beginning of the video, Nasir was filmed as he explained how the staff had refused to sell them bottled water.  

“So, we're in Tesco, Rochdale, and for some reason they've got a different policy to every other Tesco up and down the country. Every other Tesco we managed to get these Volvic bottles, as many as we want. We're not retailers, we're not wholesalers, we just want them for our home but unfortunately in this Tesco we've been told that we're only allowed ten bottles each,” he said in the video.

A police officer then walked up to the couple and asked them what the matter was.

The cop then told the couple to stop recording and then after a brief argument the police officer tried to twist Nasir’s hand and when he failed he aggressively punched him.

“I was already walking. You didn't need to escort me. Can you just clarify something for me?” the man said before things turned ugly.

Seconds later, Nasir was on the floor and the police officer was kneeling on top of him holding his hands. Another police officer got hold of Mahira who was standing at the till counter.

The officer dragged her as she screamed for help.

She tried to get herself off the officer’s restrain and repeatedly said did he hit her. She was later arrested for intervening while her husband was being arrested.

The couple was charged with assaulting a police officer.

“Nasir Hussain and Mahira Hussain both of Oldham, have been charged with assault of a constable and have been bailed to appear at Manchester and Salford Magistrates' Court on Tuesday 30 October 2018. Around 7pm on Tuesday 25 September, while responding to another incident at Tesco on Silk Street, Rochdale, an officer was alerted to a disturbance in the store. The officer spoke to both parties involved before asking a man to leave. The officer was assaulted and suffered injuries to his face,” said a Greater Manchester Police spokesperson.

The man later said he will go forward with a complaint of use of excessive force.

The incident goes to show how Muslims and people of color are targeted essentially for who they are. In Hussains’ case, the incident could easy be controlled had the officer maintained his calm and had he explained to them politely.

However, he chose to use excessive force on the couple who was essentially buying water, was paying for it and was not causing any disturbance or harm in any way. And the fact that they were charged for actually being attacked is just downright outrageous.

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