Someone Called Cops On Black Man After 'Hard Foul' In Basketball Game

"You see a lot of privilege and it’s not necessarily white privilege. People feel a little more entitled when they live in certain areas.”


In a hilarious display of how privilege enables people to do things that are outright dumb, a person playing basketball called the cops on a black player because of a “hard foul.”

The incident unfolded in a Virginia gym, after a whiny player got knocked to the ground by a black player and someone decided to call the cops. The call that was made to 911 reported an “assault.”

Both the players, whose full names haven’t been disclosed, admitted they “fouled” each other while playing basketball, according to dispatch notes written by Officer Josiah Kennedy, who responded to the call.

The man who called the cops on the black player is a front desk worker at LA Fitness, he has been named as #FlagrantFreddy by social media­. “A member got assaulted," said the desk clerk while speaking with the cops. "It happened in the basketball court."

So, #FlagrantFreddy basically called the cops after a white player was knocked down by a  black man after fouling him. According to witnesses, it was just an aggressive screen, which was a borderline foul.

"His hand kind of hit him in the face. I don't think he meant to hit him; he kind of inadvertently pushed him down," said Marcellus Bowie, 27.

Bowie, who is the founder of a sports statistic business, was waiting for his turn to play when he saw the minor altercation between the two men.

"In basketball history, that’s never, ever happened," said Thomas Mulabah, 28, who works in sales and posted video of the incident on Instagram.

"Are you calling the cops if you get fouled?" asked Mulabah who was shocked at the player, who lacked sportsmanship spirit.

The police was then seen talking with both the players. Mulabah asked the officer, "Have you ever been called for a basketball foul before?"

"No," the officer replied. "That's my first basketball felony."

The police recorded how things unfolded after they arrived at the gym.  They identified that the “caller is desk clerk.” The “victim is at front desk.” And the “rescue” was “refused.”

According to the police’s incident report, both the players declined to file a report and were warned by the gym to play in a civil manner, or lose their membership. 

Mulabah and the three other witnesses present at the game don’t think this was a racially-motivated incident.

"You see a lot of privilege and it’s not necessarily white privilege. People feel a little more entitled when they live in certain areas and use law enforcement in different ways than people normally would," he said.

 “We thought he was joking till we saw buddy at the front desk on the phone really calling the police,” tweeted TrapMoneyBenny who goes by the user name @_togs.


Mulabah appreciated how the cop who reported was calm throughout this blatant display of lack of sportsmanship.

"In this day and age, you want to avoid interactions with police," he said.

Cops have been called on African-American people even for illogical reasons. Recently, a white woman reportedly called the police on an 8-year-old girl of color for, well, selling water without a permit on a sidewalk in San Francisco. Then another white woman called cops on black neighbors because they didn’t talk with her.

Moreover, white people have sort of developed an awful fondness for calling police on people of color when they are just going about their daily lives, be it sitting at a coffee shop, falling asleep in a common area in Yale University, leaving an AirBnb residence, or simply barbequing.

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