Someone Called Cops On A Lemonade Store Owner Because He Was Black

Cops were called on Viktor Stevenson, an African-American who owns a high-end lemonade stand, while he was trying to open his own store.



Another day, another story of racial profiling in America.

This time cops were called on an African-American store owner because he was trying to open his own business.

Viktor Stevenson owns a high-end lemonade stand in San Francisco. While the black businessman was testing his security system, someone from the neighborhood decided to call the police.

Four police officers approached Stevenson and told him there were reports that he was trying to break in to the store. The black entrepreneur told them he owned the store.

The cops told him to prove his ownership and he showed them the keys – but that wasn’t enough. In a display of actions that can only best be described as racial profiling, the cops asked Stevenson to take his hands out of his pocket and asked him for his ID. Then the young businessman was asked to open and close the store with his keys.

According to Stevenson, the cop in front of him “had his hand on his gun” while interrogating.

This is Stevenson’s first business venture and just three days after he opened his store, he had to encounter discrimination.

In a video interview to AJ plus, the black business owner explained that this wasn’t new for him, as he recalled how someone wrote “monkey juice” on the side of his store a few months ago, while Stevenson was trying to set up the new business.

But this incident was definitely traumatic for his 9-month old son and wife.

“He wouldn’t let me go all night,” said a visibly emotional Stevenson, talking about his baby. “My wife woke up twice that night with nightmares, crying and screaming ‘no, no, no’ and I grabbed her and I kissed her on her forehead, with my baby in between us. And I told her, ‘It’s OK.’”

Thankfully, this painful event hasn’t demotivated Stevenson from doing his business and achieving his dreams.

However, incidents of police receiving wrong reports against innocent black people are on the rise in the country. Cops have been called on harmless black people for no good reason while they were going about their normal routines. Police have been called reporting black people who were smoking, mowing grass, sitting and waiting at a Starbucks, campaigning, and now, for selling lemonade while black.

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