Cop Who Slammed, Choked Former NFL Player Fired From Job

Henry County police chief said he agreed with the investigation’s findings and has terminated Rose’s employment.

Update :

A police officer in Atlanta has been fired over using unnecessary force against a former NFL player, Desmond Marrow.

Henry County police officer David Rose has been charged with maltreatment or unnecessary force during the arrest of Marrow and conduct violations.

Henry County police chief said he agreed with the investigation’s findings and has terminated Rose’s employment.

Darius Pattillo, Henry County District Attorney, also released a statement that felony charges against Marrow have been dropped.

Marrow had been arrested on charges of terroristic threats, felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer and reckless driving.

Pattillo said the terroristic threat charges have been dropped but the misdemeanor charges will be reviewed by a county solicitor general.

Marrow posted a video on his Facebook page, announcing “justice was served.”

A video of a former NFL player being arrested by the police is another example of how much uncalled for excessive force police use while arresting black Americans.

A harrowing video posted to Facebook shows Henry County police officers slamming the former NFL player, Desmond Marrow, to the ground as they attempt to arrest him and then held him down by his neck until he lost consciousness.

Marrow seemed to be handcuffed in the video as the cops dragged him towards their car.

“I am not even doing nothing. I am not even fighting back. I am not even fighting back,” the man kept insisting. However, apparently, that was the wrong tone to take with the police.

One officer grabbed Marrow’s right leg as the other grabbed the footballer behind his neck and then they both slammed him to the ground.

As Marrow hit the ground painfully, he started crying out, “Oh my God! I didn’t do anything to you all. I didn’t do anything to you, man.”

A person, who recorded the video, can be heard saying in the background, “What’s going on? This is unbelievable.”

As Marrow turned over, one officer grabbed him by the throat harshly. At one point, Marrow said “I can’t breathe” but the officers did not release their hold on him. The athlete then apparently passed out. The officers, realizing they had gone too far, quickly released the man. They then shook him and asked him if he was alright. Thankfully, Marrow, regained consciousness quickly but still looked woozy as the officers tried to lift him up.

The video ends there. There is no footage of what transpired that led to the arrest or what happened after the arrest.

However, on his Facebook page, Marrow said the officers claimed he had a gun in his pocket, even though it was just a cell phone.

The assertion is eerily similar to what officers claimed about 22-year-old Stephon Clark, who was killed by cops in his own backyard just for holding a cell phone.

Marrow also said the impact to the ground “knocked my teeth out.” He also suffered a concussion and a shoulder strain.

“I was fully cooperating with the officers with ZERO resistance. I thought I was going to die. I was sure I was passing out or dying,” he said in his post. He also said police alleged he belonged to a gang just because he had tattoos.

Marrow claimed when the police department found out he was an NFL player, they tried to hush him up about the incident by offering to drop all his charges, which include being out of control, assaulting the officers (no sign of which was seen in the video) and the cops’ favorite trump card, resisting arrest.

Marrow said when he refused the deal, the cops locked him up without bond. He also “lost my gym all my clients & training kids is my passion.”

A lot of questions arose after the video of the incident was posted on social media, the biggest of which is why was Marrow being arrested in the first place.

According to police report, Marrow was driving when someone from another car threw a cup of coffee at him. The NFL player got angry and started aggressively chasing the car. An officer saw the entire incident and followed the two cars to a shopping center parking lot. There, he saw Marrow embroiled in an argument.

The officer then intervened and asked if anyone had thrown any punches and tasked Marrow to stop swearing. A witness then reportedly told the officer he heard Marrow saying he was “going to shoot them.”

During the argument, more officers arrived on the scene. An officer then frisked Marrow for a weapon but did not find anything. They arrested him anyway because of the alleged threat. The officers claimed that at that point, Marrow started getting aggressive with them and started struggling.

However, no evidence of that appears in the video.

Marrow had now been charged with making terroristic threats and aggressive and reckless driving.

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