Cops Pulled Over Drunk Teens Before Crash, Let Them Keep Driving

Police officers in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, stopped drunk teenagers before their fatal car accident and let them continue to be a danger on the road.

Most of us expect police officers to keep a safe environment for drivers on the road and stop dangerous people who may be behind the wheel, including drunk drivers.

Missouri police officers recently failed to do their job of keeping people safe and allowed an underage drunk driver to continue driving after they pulled him over.

The officers pulled over four intoxicated teenagers Sunday night, and allowed the driver to drive drunk, stating the teenager had “next to nothing” in his system, according to FOX4 News.

The officers clearly made the wrong decision.

The 19-year-old driver crashing into a pole, the vehicle caught on fire, and left two people dead and two others injured the next morning.

The teenagers were pulled over because their license plate light was out and there was loud noise coming from the vehicle.

excelsior springs police

Larry Tarrant, Excelsior Springs Staff Sergeant said, “The driver exhibited no signs of impairment. The driver further submitted to a portable breath test, which showed less than half of the 0.2 BAC required by Missouri state statutes for minor in possession.”

There will be an investigation in the future to determine the reasoning behind why the officers allowed the teenagers to continue on the road. 

Banner Image Credit: Tony Hisgett, Flickr/Creative Commons

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