Cops Seize Hundreds Of Guns, Swords, And Explosives From Man’s Home

After obtaining a search warrant, police found Gary Diana’s arsenal of weapons, seizing more than 200 firearms and over 100,000 rounds of ammunition.

Police were able to catch a potential domestic terrorist before he could carry out any violent crimes.

The Indiana home of 55-year-old Gary Diana was searched after a nurse reported that he had threatened to shoot her during a home care visit, according to The Tribune-Star.

Along with the threats, the nurse reported that Diana had hundreds of guns, boxes of knives, swords, brass knuckles, handcuffs, and leg restraints hanging on a wall in his house.

After obtaining a search warrant, police found Diana’s arsenal of weapons, seizing more than 200 firearms and over 100,000 rounds of ammunition during a nine-hour raid.

But that’s not all. A probable cause affidavit filed on Monday stated that police also discovered at least one fully automatic rifle, four other possible fully automatic rifles, parts for a .50-caliber machine gun, 100 pounds of black powder, explosives, hand and leg restraints, three bullet proof vests, and a bomb vest in their search.

"In my 27 years, this is the most number of guns and explosive devices I've seen in one house," said Vigo County Sheriff Greg Ewing.

An unmarked bottle found in the home contained 125 methadone pills as well, which resulted in a preliminary charge of possession of a controlled substance.

Officials from the FBI and the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agency were called in. ATF agents will investigate some of the firearms to confirm whether Diana owned them legally. Currently, he is being held on a $100,000 cash bond, and local Judge Sarah Mullican ordered him to undergo mental health and competency evaluations.

Although he hasn't caused harm with his weapons, as far as we know, it is alarming for one individual to possess such heavy artillery. 

Furthermore, the fact that he was making threats to his nurse indicates that he wasn't afraid to use his weapons if he felt compelled to and suggests that there is likely a mental health issue at play as the nurse was not a threat to him and was caring for him. 

What’s even more disturbing about this case is that Diana could possibly have his stash of weapons returned to him if a court finds that no laws have been broken, according to the News and Tribune.

While there are many questions still in need of answers surrounding Diana's weapons collection, one thing we know for sure is that authorities cannot afford to take situations of this nature lightly as our nation is already facing a mass shooting crisis

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