Cops Shot Journalist With Rubber Bullet Mid-Interview At Standing Rock

Journalist Erin Schrode fell victim to police brutality being inflicted upon Dakota Access Pipeline protesters at Standing Rock by militarized officers.

Journalist and activist Erin Schrode shared her terrifying experience being shot by police while interviewing Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protesters at The Standing Rock in North Dakota.

Officers who have taken positions surrounding the encampment of protesters were allegedly firing rubber bullets at them on Wednesday, with one striking Schrode on camera as she was interviewing an activist.

Following the incident, Schrode penned a lengthy Facebook post updating her followers on her physical status as well as her emotional state after the traumatic experience.

“My body will be okay, but I am hurting, I am incensed, I am weeping, I am scared,” she wrote.

"Peaceful, prayerful, unarmed, nonviolent people on one side of a river; militarized police with armed vehicles and assault weapons occupying treaty land on the other, where sacred burial grounds have already been destroyed,” she continued. “What is happening here in North Dakota is like nothing I have ever seen in my life, anywhere in the world.”

Her poignant post not only describes the importance of the demonstrations happening at Standing Rock, but also the mistreatment she has witnessed and become a victim of.

She boldly criticizes President Barack Obama as well as mainstream media for not doing more to help the water protectors and failing to condemn the outrageous actions of the police.

In addition to firing rubber bullets, police decked out in riot gear have doused hundreds of unarmed protesters with pepper spray and tear gas.

Schrode shared a horrifying video clip on Twitter of the moment she was shot. The shocking visual served its purpose by garnering an abundance of attention.

Responses to the footage ranged from well wishes for Schrode, to condemnation of the police, and ridicule of Obama’s perceived hands-off approach to the situation.  

The proposed DAPL would run more than 1,100 miles long and would extend from North Dakota to Illinois, carrying about 470,000 barrels of crude oil per day, according to ATTN:. The project threatens the safety of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe by contaminating their water supply, among other environmental problems.

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