Cops Suggest Sexual Assault Victims Ask For It In Safety Workshop

British police officers gave teenagers a pamphlet that read “R U Asking For It” on the cover, at a recent student safety event in North Bristol.

Teenagers at the North Bristol Post 16 Centre school were outraged after they were given pamphlets at a workshop that suggested sexual assault victims are to blame for reported rapes.

The bright red pamphlet was titled, “R U Asking For It: Your Essential Guide To Student Safety.”

The pamphlets contradicted the intention of the “Only Yes Means Yes” event held earlier this month in Bristol, which was meant to include discussions about safety, according to Mic.  

Bernie O’Hara, one of the students who received the booklet, posted her thoughts on Twitter.

Avon and Somerset police are “absolutely appalling, the whole point of rape is that you are not asking for it,” she said.

During the event, the cops unsympathetically told students that they should not go out and drink to prevent being sexually assaulted, The Bristol Post reported.

“The out-of-date leaflets contained information about vehicle crime and robberies in relation to student safety and have now been destroyed,” the police department said in a statement.

It’s a shame that these police officers in the United Kingdom are so blinded by the damage victims feel after being sexually assaulted, and they would rather put the blame on the victims instead of on the rapists themselves. 

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