Cops Taser Man Who Allegedly Groped Woman, Used Racial Slurs On Plane

It all began after a passenger claimed Garcia had groped his girlfriend. The cops arrived and tasered the accused harasser while arresting him.

A shocking incident unfolded aboard an American Airlines flight when cops used a Taser at least 10 times on a man who was accused of sexually assaulting a woman.

Passengers recorded the episode on their cameras as Miami-Dade police officers came aboard a plane sitting at the Miami International Airport and arrested Jacob A. Garcia.

"What is the reason why you are removing me from this plane?" the man can be heard saying as he was handcuffed. 

In response, a passenger, instead replied, saying: "You just assaulted a lady, for one. You're a racist, for two."


Garcia continued to struggle with the cops. Twice he attempted to grab an officer's gun and then one of them decided to stun him.

However, even the electric shocks didn't deter the man from misbehaving with the officers.

"You're like a little baby," he said as one cop tasered him. 

One woman can be heard cheering his arrest with chants of "get him off."

The Miami New Times states the arrest occurred after a passenger claimed Garcia had groped his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports a woman complained he had touched her "without her permission." When the man was asked to switch seats, he “began to scream and insult” the couple, according to the police report filed on the incident.

A witness also said Garica "seemed to be agitated on boarding, and was harassing passengers and saying racial slurs to several people."

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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