Two Cops Will Be Fired 10 Years After Beating Up Man

Chicago police officers were discharged and rehired 10 years ago after attacking a man in a restaurant, and will now be fired for the second time.

Many police officers have tension with the public for brutally assaulting and killing people, and they unfortunately don't suffer any consequences. 

Off-duty cops in Chicago will be fired, again, after a video surveillance camera showed the two officers beating up a man at a Taco Burrito King ten years ago, the Chicago Tribune reports. 

Brian Murphy and Jason Orsa were fired after the incident that took place in 2006, but a Cook County judge overturned the decision, and the two men were rehired by the same police department and were back on duty, according to the New York Daily News.

An appeals court decided last month to reverse their decision again, in which the two officers will be fired for the second time and may have an opportunity to appeal the new decision to the Supreme Court.

Obed “OJ” DeLeon went into a Taco Burrito King ten years ago and complained about a car blocking the parking lot near the fast food joint. He then asked customers which “a**hole” did the bad parking job.

Jason Orsa, one of the cops, said to DeLeon, “What if I’m the a***hole?

DeLeon replied, “Then stop being an a**hole and move your car.”

Orsa was dining at the taco joint with Murphy and Daniel McNamara, another officer, and an unknown Marine.

Murphy pulled out his gun on DeLeon and the four of them beat up the man. Other diners—unaware that three of them were off-duty cops—called 911 during the incident to report “a white man with a gun.”

DeLeon filed a complaint against the police officers, yet the cops didn’t file use-of-force reports.

The cops were fired in 2010, but were awarded their jobs back by a judge two years later, after claiming the man they assaulted was a criminal and that they were afraid for their lives.

Judge Kathleen M. Pantle, who overturned the dismissal of the officers, spoke about DeLeon’s past criminal activity and said, “All you have to do is look at him and know he’s a gang member. Anybody looking at the videotape knows that as soon as he walks in the door.”

The police officers telling the judge that they were in fear for their lives during the incident is just a petty excuse to protect themselves from being fired from the job, but in the end, the judge saw right through the cops' insignificant excuse for the assault. 

Banner Image Credit: Chicago History, Twitter

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