Lewandowski: Trump's A Regular Guy. He Got A Ticket In A Rolls-Royce

When asked if Trump can relate to the everyday life of most Americans, like buying groceries, the president's former associate Corey Lewandowski cited the most bizarre example.

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On Aug. 31, President Donald Trump set off a scorching round of criticism when, during his now-infamous Tampa campaign rally, he said, "The time has come for voter ID, like everything else. You know if you go out and buy groceries, you need a picture or a card — you need ID."

The absurd statement led many to believe that Trump, who has lived a rather public life of luxury and convenience, had never even set foot inside a supermarket.

At a breakfast roundtable for journalists organized by The Christian Science Monitor, Trump's former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was asked to shed further light on how much the president could relate to the life and struggles of regular Americans.

The answer was as ludicrously ironic, to say the least.

The first example Lewandowski cited involved a Rolls-Royce. The New York Times reports:

“I remember he was driving his Rolls-Royce from New York City one day up to the golf course in Bedminster. And guess what happened, right? When you’re in New York and you’re on your telephone, you’re driving your Rolls-Royce up to New Jersey, you get stopped. Right? And so I remember, he’s like: ‘Corey, I’m going to let you go. I just got pulled over.’”

Lewandowski stated one more example, recalling how Trump would take out "his American Express... his gold ? his platinum ? American Express card," to pick up the tab for five people at a dinner party.

It's important to mention here the Platinum Card from Amex has a pretty steep annual fee of around $550.

Not something "regular" Americans can do on a daily basis.

However, Lewandowski didn't seem to get the irony of his answers -- or, even if he did, didn't care much about it since he, like many other members of the Trump administration, has a tendency to incite outrage while defending the president.

He shared one last, comparatively acceptable, instance.

"When we would go to a McDonald’s or a fast-food place on the campaign trail, he would know what it would cost because he would take out the cash and he would pay for it," the Trump associated added.

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