Cornel West Reveals A Political Past Hillary Doesn’t Want You To Know

Dr. Cornel West appeared in a segment of CNN's New Day where he slammed Hillary Clinton's hypocritical politics and praised Bernie Sanders' "genuine integrity."

Princeton University professor emeritus, Dr. Cornel West, dug into the hypocritical components of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s campaign during a segment on CNN’s New Day.

West, who is a Bernie Sanders supporter, said Hillary Clinton is the “Milli Vanilli of American politics” which is a comparison to the 1980’s R&B group that was disgraced in a highly-publicized lip-syncing scandal.

“She lip-syncs, she gives lip service," West said. "But when it comes to policy, who supported crime bill? Who supported not just the deregulating of banks, but also pulled the rug from under welfare?"

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He even called her out on the fact that she loves to bring up her involvement with the Children’s Defense Fund back in the 70’s but never mentions her support of the Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater in the 60’s.

He takes another jab by pointing out that while she is giving speeches that sound just like Sanders, he’s actually been doing the groundwork since way back when he was getting arrested with Martin Luther King Jr.

West started his spiel by mentioning that when black civil rights leader, Jesse Jackson, ran for president in the 1980's, Sanders was one of only two white public officials who supported his campaign. West declares that the reason Jackson won the primary in Vermont during his campaign is because of Sanders.

He offers these examples of Sanders’ past to show that he has been committed to the platform he’s currently running on since long before this year's election.

He compares Clinton’s past to Sanders’ to add credence to his argument that if black voters knew as much about Sanders as they think they know about Clinton, they would see him as the better candidate.

“The problem is black voters don't know his history in the way in which they know the symbolic language of Hillary Clinton," he continued. "But on the ground, she's calling black youths super-predators in the 1990s. That is the most demeaning, degrading language to our precious young folk — [who] sometimes do the wrong thing, yes, acting gangsters, yes — we know they got gangsters on Wall Street. ... She's too tied to Wall Street with all that big Wall Street money flowing her way, my brother.”

Clinton — being the wife of former president Bill Clinton — symbolizes an era that was, overall, a good time for the U.S. economy. Bill, despite many shortcomings, was favored within the black community. However, flash forward to 2016 — you can’t expect her to uphold the presidency solely based on her husband’s legacy and not her own merits.

She’s already starting to prove herself untrustworthy, too friendly with corporate policy and she hasn’t made the same efforts to really appeal to minorities and young voters as Sanders has.

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The irony in all of this is that Clinton won against Sanders among the black democratic Nevada caucus-goers by a landslide and recently received a powerful endorsement from the Congressional Black Caucus PAC in addition to several mothers of slain black men and women, including Sandra Bland’s mother.

Clinton has been consistently leading in national polls, despite Sanders’ growing popularity. West suggested during his interview that mainstream media needs to give Sanders the same amount of coverage that they give Clinton and Donald Trump to give black voters and all Americans an opportunity to learn his pro-black history and genuine integrity.

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