Cornell Frat Held A Fat-Shaming Sex Contest Billed 'Pig Roast'

In case of a tie, the winner of the competition, billed "pig roast," would be decided on the basis of the weight of the woman he had sex with.


Despite intensifying scrutiny of fraternities across the nation, reports of sexual misconduct throughout Greek life on college campuses continue to emerge.

The Associated Press reports the Cornell University chapter of fraternity Zeta Beta Tau has been placed on probation for two years following a probe last year into claims the brothers asked pledges to engage in a fat-shaming sex competition billed "pig roast."

As per the investigation conducted by the university's Fraternity and Sorority Review board, the contest asked new members to earn "points" by engaging in sexual intercourse with women, who weren't supposed to be informed of the rules.

In case of a tie, the winner would be decided on the basis of the weight of the woman he had sex with. The heavier she was, the more points she was "worth.".

It's not clear for how long the offensive practice was carried out on campus. The claims emerged in December and the investigation completed in January.

"The IFC [interfraternity council] was appalled and disgusted by the activity described in the reports,” said Paul Russell, IFC president. “The decision about the specific sanctions placed on ZBT was made jointly by administrators and IFC leadership in a review board hearing earlier this year after a hearing and a review of the allegations.”

Fraternity traditions and games, like this "pig roast," tend to normalize the objectification of women, which is deeply tied to the epidemic of sexual violence in colleges, according to Everyday Feminism's Sarah Ogden Trotta.

Cornell's Zeta Beta Tau will now face a full external review by the national Zeta Beta Tau organization and will have to participate in intervention programs like Cornell's Sexual Assault Awareness Week.

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