Corrupt Chicago Mayor Needs To Go After Burying Laquan McDonald Video

New emails reveal that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel ordered the burial of the dashcam footage of Laquan McDonald's shooting—it's time for him to resign.

It’s time for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to go. Emanuel won almost no one over when he tearfully apologized for the shooting of Laquan McDonald—an occurrence mired in police misconductand incredibly suspicious circumstances. Dashcam footage of McDonald’s death was not released until 400 days after the incident, and the city settled with McDonald’s family for $5 million (officers involved in McDonald’s death also erased Burger King security footage that originally captured the shooting).

Emanuel claimed he “took responsibility” for what happened, saying it occurred on his watch, but the public did not buy it. It was nothing more than a calculated attempt for good PR.

Skeptics were proven right today when The Daily Beast revealed that Emanuel himself ordered lawyers to inform McDonald’s family that the video of his death must be hidden “for at least several years.”

As The Daily Beast states, “Emanuel had maintained since McDonald’s death that he has never seen the dash-cam video, but the emails prove the mayor knew exactly what the footage showed when city lawyers negotiated a deal that would at least delay the video’s release.”

However, the corruption does not just extend to Emanuel—McDonald’s own district attorneys are complicit in helping keep the dash-cam video secret. They “agreed to keep the video to themselves until criminal proceedings were concluded,” since, after all, they are all a part of the same, crooked city government, their livelihoods contingent on reelections.

Emanuel wrote in a deceitful op-ed for the Chicago Tribune that “Had I seen the video, I might have done that. But I don’t review evidence precisely because my own emotions should not interfere with criminal investigations.”

New evidence exposes Emanuel as a fraudulent, untrustworthy mayor who, contrary to his claims that he is attempting to end police brutality, allows it to continue without consequence.

As Emanuel writes, “At the end of the day, I am the mayor and I own it. I take responsibility for what happened and I will fix it.”

The only way for him to even begin fixing it is to resign. 

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