Corrupt Police Officer Arrested His Mechanic For Being Slow

In a classic case of a policeman abusing his power, a Florida officer was subjected to investigation for admitting that he made an arrest out of frustration.

Police corruption is rampant, and this recent case in Florida is no exception. This time, however, the innocent victim was rightfully vindicated after an internal inquiry led by the police department.

In April, Lt. James Brodick filed a report saying that he arrested a mechanic in Daytona Beach who had been working on his car, a 1939 Ford.

The mechanic, Dennis King, was arrested for felony charges.

WFTV in Daytona reported that Brodick arrested King after accusing “him of taking his money for work that was not getting done on the car.”

King told WFTV that the restoration “took longer than expected” and that Brodick became frustrated.

The police department, however, dropped charges against King after internal affairs disproved the arrest.

“He let his emotions cloud his judgment,” the report stated.

Brodick took full responsibility for his mistake and later apologized for pressing charges against King because “he felt bad about putting other officers in a bad position,” but did not apologize to King himself. Brodick admitted his abuse of power, which was not the first time he has done so.

Daytona Police Chief Mike Chitwood said he suspended Lt. Brodick for 10 days without pay for using poor judgment in making the arrest.

Brodick has a checkered history with misusing his power and has been previously disciplined for minor offenses including traffic accidents. On the flip side, he has also received medals of honor and numerous awards.



Banner Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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