Fox News Shames Ex-Cosby Star For Bagging Groceries At Trader Joe’s

“I’m so angry at the shaming in this tweet. Let’s talk about working hard at whatever job, without judgement (sic).”


A man working a respectable day job to support his finances is not news — except if you’re living in Fox News’ universe.

When “The Cosby Show’s” star Geoffrey Owens was spotted “bagging groceries” at a Trader Joe’s in New Jersey, he was not doing anything that should have resulted in news articles. Yet, it did, thanks to Fox News and The Daily Mail.

Although popular for his role as Elvin Tibideaux on NBC’s hit comedy series, “The Cosby Show,” which ended in 1992, Owens has continued working on as an actor, doing several projects as recent as last year.

But like many creative lines, a lot of artists work two, even three jobs when they hit a rough patch. Work is not constant and you don’t get paid regularly. It is not out of the ordinary for artists to work other jobs — in fact, the practice is quite common.

Apart from that, Owens is a Yale University graduate who often teaches in the New York and New Jersey area.

However, when a customer, Karma Lawrence, spotted the actor at a local Trader Joe’s and thought it was sad “he ended up as a cashier,” Daily Mail and Fox News decided to exploit the non-story. The two organizations penned separate articles, both with a rather condescending tone, almost as if it were a matter of shame Owens was working an honorable job.

Understandably, the pieces incited Twitter users’ wrath.

They were widely panned for the needless story about a man going by his daily routine and working to make ends meet.

Many celebrities and well-known personalities (including usual pro-Fox, conservative actor James Woods and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch) slammed the media outlets for shaming Owens.










There is no shame in working side jobs for extended support and Owens, without a doubt, fared better than the star of “The Cosby Show.”

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